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Black Mandala Unveils Their Latest Acquisition: "CHEAT"

While we don't always have the scoop on release dates, it appears that Black Mandala has some exciting news to share regarding their latest acquisition. Filmmakers Kevin Ignatius and Nick Psinakis present "CHEAT," a supernatural thriller that promises an exhilarating experience. In this small town, the film delves into the eerie consequences of infidelity as a violent force takes matters into its own hands.

Film Synopsis:

In the quaint college town of Silvercreek, Pennsylvania, a supernatural entity from the afterlife embarks on a relentless mission, targeting anyone who strays from their committed relationships. Maeve and Charlie, in a desperate quest for answers and a strategy to protect themselves, turn to a local history student for assistance. However, the situation spirals into chaos as the malevolent force exacts its horrifying vengeance, claiming its victims one by one at an alarming pace. With their survival at stake, Maeve, Charlie, and a handful of survivors unite in a final stand against this relentless monster.


Film Details:

- **Director:** Kevin Ignatius and Nick Psinakis

- **Screenplay:** Kevin Ignatius and Nick Psinakis

- **Cast:** Will Bunk, April Clark, Corin Clay, Kyle Corbin, Danielle Grotsky, Paul Ignatius, Michael Thyer

- **Cinematography:** Connor Smyers

- **Associate Producers:** Michael Kraetzer and Nicolás Onetti

This supernatural horror film made its debut at the prestigious FRIGHTFEST and was also featured in the previous edition of the SANTIAGO HORROR FILM FEST. As "CHEAT" unfolds, you can expect a gripping narrative that explores the consequences of betrayal in a chilling and thrilling manner. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting release, and be sure to check out the trailer for a sneak peek of the supernatural horrors that await.

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