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Dances with Films 24' World premiere the Jamie Lee Curtis produced "Burn Out" from Russell Goldman also screening at Chattanooga Film Fest

The highly anticipated horror film "Burn Out," executively produced by Jamie Lee Curtis, will make its world premiere at this year's Dances with Films Festival. Directed by Russell Goldman, the film tells the chilling story of an employee who pushes boundaries to the extreme, culminating in setting himself on fire.

Following its premiere, "Burn Out" is also set to screen at the Chattanooga Film Festival. Stay tuned for further updates on this gripping film.

Film Credits:

- Writer/Director/Producer: Russell Goldman

- Executive Producer: Jamie Lee Curtis

- Producers: Michael A. Fry, Everett Osborne, Wendy Wang

- Cinematography: Ali Arminio

- Composer: Eric Poretsky

- Editor: Marco Rosas

Produced by Comet Pictures.


"BURN OUT is a gonzo, high-octane horror story about the disastrous compromises we make with our bodies and minds in breakneck work environments. Nothing is scarier (or more absurd) than what we can do to ourselves." - Russell Goldman, Writer/Director

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