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Hysteria Fest Day One Recap

Lily from HMU kicks off Hysteria Fest from Arkadin Theater in St. Louis, Mo

The eagerly awaited Hysteria Fest kicked off with a bang, drawing a packed house for the opening night film. The festival's inaugural screening featured the intense thriller "Dogville," directed by Lars von Trier and starring the renowned Nicole Kidman and Chloë Sevigny.

"Dogville," known for its unique narrative and unconventional storytelling, left the audience with a mix of reactions. As expected, the film's distinctive style resonated with some while perplexing others, highlighting its status as a polarizing piece of cinema.

Lily, our new podcast co-host and producer at Horror Movies Uncut, gave an engaging introduction to this year's festival. She will continue to share her insights and excitement over the next two episodes of the Submissions & Slashers Podcast, promising more in-depth coverage and exclusive content.

Paul Hibbard owner and creator of Hysteria Fest

Day one was limited to the inside theater, where trailers for upcoming films were shown alongside "Dogville." However, the festival will expand its venue for the remaining nights, opening the patio to accommodate more guests and films.

Despite the early rush, tickets are still available for most screenings. We'll be here all weekend, providing you with the latest updates and highlights from Hysteria Fest. Stay tuned for more thrilling experiences and cinematic delights!

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