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If you can't beat them, clone them 'Infinity Pool' - movie review

Possibly the most anticipated feature for the start of 2023 for me is the new Brandon Cronenberg film INFINITY POOL. Brandon's last two films has allowed him to create an identity similar to his fathers. So the hope was for INFINITY POOL to be the wide reaching release that would set Brandon away from his legacy. What we end up getting is a repetitious beating drum of Mia Goth screaming at us over and over again. INFINITY POOL is a film about beautiful people , being beautiful people and acting out their primal desires to no consequence. In WEST WORLD styled fashion the feature takes you on a journey of the have nots frolicking with the well off. INFINITY POOL is an intense yet unfortunately wearing film.

Mia Goth steals the movie from the start. It's not to hard to do. There are so many beautiful creatures in this film no one needed to say a word. Barely anyone but her does. Which is fine because with out her uncanny annoyance there would have been no severity to the film.

The story follows a couple played by Alexander Skarsgård and Cleopatra Coleman. They meet Goth and partner played by Jalil Lespert. The group embarks on forbidden getaway that comes back with some dire ramifications. From there you watch James ( Skarsgård) become obsessed with Goth and this new found freedom. It could be his ultimate undoing.

I wanted to like INFINITY POOL so much more but half way in I got it. I really needed to see nothing more. I was pleased that Brandon didn't over fetishize the grotesque effects normally found in films with his last name. INFINITY POOL plays as a mind invasion horror so the body harm wasn't the general attraction for the eyes. That may have lead to the lull you experience during the watch. Though Goth ferocity in the film can't be denied. She will haunt you long after the film ends. Think a more deserving version of a Firefly clan member, IYKYK.

INFINITY POOL will be one to remember for the start of 2023 but it does not have a "film of the year" feel. Maybe after a home release viewing my mind will change but for now it is a solid release but asking for so much more.


INFINITY POOL is directed by Brandon Cronenberg and stars Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth, Cleopatra Coleman and Jalil Lespert. It is playing in theaters everywhere.

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