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Industrial Metal Band RAZE THE ALTAR Brings Sacrifice And Perseverance To New Single

UK industrial/metal band, RAZE THE ALTAR has just unleashed their self-titled single, "Raze The Altar". The track will appear on the forthcoming album, Cataclysm Eden due out October 8th.

RAZE THE ALTAR mastermind, Dylan about the song - "Everybody deserves

better, and nobody should be struck down for the sake of another. Stand up for yourself and know your worth, don't be a sacrifice, raze that altar that you've been placed on."

For fans of industrial metal and industrial rock

RAZE THE ALTAR is a one-man alternative/hybrid metal project that fearlessly blends the genres of its influences. Elements of symphonic, death, nu-metal, industrial and core metal are stitched together to create a unique sonic experience.

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