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New Horror-Comedy Graphic Novel WHERE WOLF To Be Serialized As Webcomic On

WHERE WOLF, a new creator-owned graphic novel from creative team Rob Saucedo, Debora Lancianese and Jack Morelli, is set to be released as an exclusive free weekly webcomic on FANGORIA.COM on Wednesday, July 13 at 8am PT/10am CT/11am ET. This twelve-chapter horror-comedy comic book will be the first webcomic hosted on FANGORIA’s website. The book is set in the wild world of furry conventions, small-town Texas journalism and werewolf whodunits. A new chapter of the serialized graphic novel will be released on the FANGORIA website each Wednesday through the series’ conclusion on September 28.

In WHERE WOLF, something scary stalks the streets of Texas, leaving a trail of corpses in its wake. The only person standing in its way is Larry Chaney, a slacker reporter who can’t hold a job, can’t keep a girlfriend, and can’t stop getting in the way of his own career. Larry must go undercover at a local furry convention if he has any hope of stopping the beast dead set on turning the gathered attendees into an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The webcomic is a love letter to werewolf fans, with an irreverent bent that takes decades of lycanthropic lore to new heights and surprising places.

“WHERE WOLF is a tribute to some of my favorite things - KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER, Gregory McDonald’s FLETCH novels and the weird idiosyncrasies found in small-town Texas life,” says WHERE WOLF writer Rob Saucedo. “It’s about werewolves but it’s also about people’s capacity to change and become better versions of themselves. I’m excited to be working with the legendary FANGORIA brand to introduce this very personal story to horror-loving audiences around the world.”

“I’ve long known Robert as a dyed-in-the-wool monster kid who knows his stuff, and his epic take on lycanthropic lore is hilarious, gory and touching in ways that will surprise readers,” says FANGORIA editor-in-chief Phil Nobile Jr. “It’s going to be THE summer read for fans of horror comics.”

FANGORIA co-owner Tara Ansley adds, “FANGORIA has a long history of supporting new and diverse voices across the horror genre, and we’re excited to be the exclusive digital host for the release of the new creator-owned comic book WHERE WOLF.”

Ahead of its launch, WHERE WOLF has been optioned for film, podcast, and television development by producers James Fino (THE FREAK BROTHERS for Tubi, RICK AND MORTY for Adult Swim) and Charles Horak (FIRST DATE for Magnolia Pictures). The webcomic is also receiving praise from the horror industry.

WHERE WOLF - Official Trailer

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