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Popcorn Frights Film Festival 23' "Bibi" - movie review

If there was a category for most brooding film of POPCORN FRIGHTS for me the winner would be BIBI hands down. This countryside gothic thriller from Christopher Beatty drives the viewer through the agonizing feelings of mourning, lost and despair. With an award worthy performance from both Elizabeth Paige and Judith Ann DiMinni, BIBI is a nerve wrecking psychological thriller that questions your sanity.

You wont find too many films with the beautiful aesthetics of BIBI. BIBI is mesmerizing from start to finish. As with the case of many films on this level, think IFC Midnight's THE BANQUET, BIBI's landscape becomes a character itself. From the beautiful wooden interior of the house to the luscious gardens. BIBI is a story of a fractured mind going through grief and mourning with only her thoughts to guide her. It leads her to some terrifying occurrences that questions sanity on varying levels. Judith Ann DiMinni gives a chilling performance and embodies every creepy girl you've seen in a horror film. Her role as BIBI will haunt you for some time after the film. Elizabeth Paige is flawless from scene to scene. Her character drags you unapologetically through her perils. Where John W. Rutland exceeds with the eye being the camera is the frantic moments of Vivian's spirals.

BIBI is an edge of your seat thriller that should do amazing and it's a hell of a find for CINEQUEST. BIBI will appeal to many casual fans with its intensity, structure and direct focus on the plight of Paige's character. There is tons of great anticipation to be found in BIBI. It will grab your attention from the start and weaves a SPRING meets CARRIE mixed in with a little bit of THE OTHERS. A solid thriller to make sure to keep an eye out for.



DIRECTOR/WRITER: Christopher Beatty

PRODUCERS: Christopher Beatty, Logan Hunter, Eddie Micallef, Glen Trotiner

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jaime Badaan, Jack Doyle, Robert Stanton


Elizabeth Paige, Judith Ann DiMinni, Tammy Blanchard, Rick Zahn,

Juliana Davies, Rowan Castro, Nathan Faudree

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