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Popcorn Frights Film Festival 23' "Saint Drogo" - movie review

There will always be a place in horror for slow burning European styled cinema. It takes a certain type of filmmaker and crew to pull it off and it's no easy task. Micheal J. Ahern, Ryan Miller and Brandon Perras dare to venture into the void with SAINT DROGO. Honestly a "what the fuck did I just watch" moment overcame me the instant the film ended. Bold, unrepentant and at times nauseating. SAINT DROGO was a difficult watch but the film landed on the exploitation genre quite securely. That bodes well for a group of filmmakers with the type of clout that their fanbases wouldn't expect anything less.

Plain and simple you will be uncomfortable during certain parts of the film. Though, is it due to the subject matter or boredom? SAINT DROGO follows two partners who head to a beach town during off season in search of an ex lover. Already at odds with each other things turn peculiar once they arrive. Even though the streets are quiet and bare from the departed vacationers the left over locals have a certain "flair" about themselves. From here SAINT DROGO becomes a tepid fantasy realm of sexual lust, betrayal and of course town secrets. Will you give a damn? Unfortunately for me I didn't.

SAINT DROGO was shot beautifully. Michael and Brandon do their best to add length to story found in DROGO but the focus on them hurts it overall. If there was a better understanding of the lore, it's possible the story would haver been more satisfying towards the conclusion. Mostly what we find in SAINT DROGO is found in any kitchen argument going on across the globe and no matter how beautiful the aesthetics are outside it's not entertaining. Big step away from DEATH DROP GORGEOUS in regards to look and feel. So I applaud them for the attempt in returning to an erotica styled entry. There won't be any other films like SAINT DROGO out this year, or possibly ever. Tread lightly when approaching this one. There is a clear understanding of the intent of SAINT DROGO from the start and a hellish ending will make you stand and cheer. How you get there depends on how much you can digest of the of the film. Make it to the end, it's worth it.


SAINT DROGO is directed by Micheal J. Ahern, Ryan Miller and Brandon Perras.

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