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SXSW 22' New Trailer: BLINK

After being violently pushed from a window, Mary wakes up in the hospital, almost completely paralyzed. Trapped inside the prison of her own body, Mary’s only way to communicate is by blinking her eyes. She tries to warn the nurse that a sinister, inhuman force is trying to kill her. But when strange things begin happening around her, she realizes it may be too late to stop it.

Check out the NEW trailer to Scream Gems' Horror Labs' first-ever, midnight short project, BLINK. BLINK will celebrate its World Premiere at SXSW this year as well as being the first short film to be greenlit under Scream Gems, a product of the new partnership between Screen Gems and Scott Glassgold’s management and production company, Ground Control. Directed and written by Spenser Cohen and starring Sophie Tatcher from Showtime's acclaimed Yellowjackets – this first-of-its-kind short film ignites the initiative of identifying up-and-coming director talents and developing high concept horror films through proof of concepts.


Directed by: Spenser Cohen

Written by: Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg

Producers: Scott Glassgold and Anna Halberg

Starring: Sophie Thatcher, Alicia Coppola, Scot Nery

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