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TetroVideo to release "Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars!" and "Dead Girls don't Tango" restored edition

Starting today, January 24, the restored edition of the thriller films Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars and Dead Girls don't Tango by John Carr come in a Limited Mediabook edition (DVD + Booklet + Slipcover). Both films are available on TetroVideo and Goredrome official websites along with the new edition of TetroManiac: eROTik, the extreme horror film directed by Domiziano Cristopharo in 2019. Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars! According to John Carr himself, at first this movie was not finished. Some portions of the filmed materials were incorporated in the Night Train to Terroranthology film. After that, the producers made a "complete" version of his movie, using almost all the materials filmed. This version was released on VHS only as Scream Your Head Off. Later, John Carr decided to finish his movie and shot new sequences with John Philip Law and incorporated Marilyn Monroe character in the story. This last version is the one known as Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars, completed in 1992. In summary, there are three versions of this movie: one as a segment of Night Train to Terror; the illegitimate version Scream Your Head Off (in VHS only); Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars. Synopsis: Harry Billings (John Philip Law) accidentally kills his wife by accident in a car wreck. He is taken to a mysterious psychiatric hospital where is placed under hypnosis by Dr. Fargo and Dr. Brewer who sell human beings and body parts to overseas buyers. The staff use a hypnotized Harry to lure various people to the hospital only to be brutally murdered. But Harry falls in love with Marilyn (Francine York), a beautiful and sweet patient who claims to be Marilyn Monroe and with whom he plans to escape... Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars! stars John Phillip Law (Blood Delirium), Francine York, Richard Moll (House), Sharon Ratcliff, Arthur Braham, Mark Petrich, Rick Barnes, Jini Flynn, Lisa Watkins and Vincent Di Paolo. The film is written by Philip Yordan. Dead Girls don't Tango Written by Philip Yordan and directed by John Carr in 1992, Dead Girls don't Tango stars the horror icon Karen Black (Trilogy of Terror). In John Carr's film, the american actress is a police inspector who must stop a serial killer who dances tango with his victims before strangling them. Jack is a young wanderer with a turbulent past who arrives at La Paloma, the cinema of his Aunt Ruth, the closest relative he has since the death of his mother, in the hope of a bed for a few nights. But in the city there is a serial killer who dances tango with his victims before strangling them and police start to suspect that Jack is in some way involved with the murders. His aunt and Julie, a girl who got a job in the cinema thanks to him, also begin to doubt his innocence... Karen Black (Trilogy of Terror), Kevin Lloyd, Christine Burke, Robyn Hussa, Roger Galloway, Toni Covington, Joseph Campanella, David Burnell Smith and Jim Flynn star. TetroManiac: eROTik TetroManiac: eROTik is an extreme horror film directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (Red Krokodil, Xpiation). Considered one of the most explicit film about necrophilia, TetroManiac: eROTik is loosely based on the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee Cannibal, and it's the first chapter of the TETROMANIAC series by TetroVideo, a shocking film collection about the real stories involving criminals and serial killers. The story follows the necrophile ways of ‘Jeffrey Dahmer’ (played by Adam Western) who has a passion for Egyptian culture (particularly mummification), love and extreme sex. Adam Western and Simone Avincola (Xpiation) star.


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