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The Bare Knuckle Kombat is here!

The future of combat sports is here – The Bare Knuckle Kombat.

Former two-time World Kickboxing Federation Champion and two Guinness World Records holder Mr. Midhun Jith, an Indian-based entrepreneur along with the Indian film director Mr. Sandhyaamohan announces a brand new sports promotion Bare Knuckle Kombat(BKK). The first event is happening at the end of July in Dubai, UAE. Grand Slam Events and Lillies Enterprises are hosting and conducting the whole show. The show is undoubtedly going to be the biggest combat fight show happening in UAE’s history. Even the reputable World Muay thai Federation (WMF) is collaborating with Bare Knuckle Kombat. Many other organizations are also involved and even some others are putting up high considerations to connect with the event soon.

Players from 60 countries are fighting for the inaugural event. BKK has already signed many world-class top champions and fighters who have fought in the world’s top federations like WKF, WMC, WBC, IKF, and many other councils. Still, there are a number of fighters signing up for the promotions in the approaching days. Most of the fighters are World Champions. The noticeable numbers of leading fighters and ferocious champions hold championships from MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing. The fighters have been on various promotions such as Bellator, K1, Lethwei, UFC, and Glory Kickboxing. All these top profile fighters coming from distinct parts of the world can be seen fighting under one roof with unified rules and regulations. This promotion has come up with remodeled combat forms as Bare Knuckle Boxing and Bare Knuckle Muaythai. This show will be an interesting show to watch for all the fight fans because this is definitely the future of combat sports. The fighters BKK has signed up to promise the action and full entertainment in the show. It is planned to have a single show per month. All the ongoing tournaments shall be live telecasted on television all over the world. In addition, there will be PPV too.

All the fundamental prerequisites for the event have been settled up. Mr. Midhun Jith envisioned Bare Knuckle Kombat as he embodies a vast knowledge of these kinds of contests in and out. He himself has won the World Kickboxing Championship, International Karate Championship, and many other Championships. In addition, he is a proficient player in different styles like Kickboxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Judo, Wrestling, BJJ, and Kurash. The BKK team has the creative vision to progressively expand the event to various parts of the world. BKK ensures to provide the combat sports fans with what they are waiting for.

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