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Welcome Villain Films announces OUTLAST composer Samuel Laflamme to score MALUM

Welcome Villain Films is excited to announce that Samuel Laflamme, the composer known for his groundbreaking work on the hit video game franchise, OUTLAST & OUTLAST II, has been tapped to score filmmaker Anthony DiBlasi’s upcoming horror movie MALUM, a reimagining of his acclaimed 2014 horror hit LAST SHIFT. MALUM opens in theaters on March 31. Genre music label Waxwork Records will release Laflamme’s chilling MALUM score on CD and digital on March 31 with preorders for the deluxe vinyl launching around the same time.

Laflamme, a Montreal-based composer, has worked on a variety of film, television, and video game projects with Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Activision and more. His work on the critically acclaimed survival horror game OUTLAST and its sequel, OUTLAST II, developed by Red Barrels Games, cemented him as one of the top composers in the horror game genre. His score for MALUM promises to be a pulse-pounding tour de force. Welcome Villain has released a sample of Laflamme's score, which showcases his ability to create tense and haunting music that perfectly complements MALUM’s terrifying imagery, expansive mythology, and hard-hitting narrative.

Laflamme’s score is yet another key element that sets MALUM apart from the original LAST SHIFT, ensuring that both longtime fans and newcomers alike experience a bigger, bolder, and meaner film.

“Sam’s singular, focused vision is quite a departure from a lot of the scores in the genre right now, which I was immediately drawn to,” says writer/director Anthony DiBlasi. “Paired with incredible practical effects from RussellFX, a cast that more than delivered, a bigger sandbox of resources at our disposal, and a dream location using a real decommissioned police station, this score is that integral final piece that brings this new story to life in unexpected ways, while opening new doors for the possibility to tell more stories in the world that Scott and I created.”

"When I was approached to work on MALUM, the Producers and Director gave me their full trust and this precious collaboration has allowed me to take risks and push the boundaries of what people expect from horror film scores," said Laflamme. "I also wanted to create a score that would be the result of a personal and intimate creative process, and that would capture the raw emotions and intensity of the film. These days, many composers work with commercial sample banks and massive teams - this score was created entirely by me, which was both challenging and rewarding. I had so many joyful moments creating this music, I can't wait for audiences to experience it.” With Waxwork Records set to release Laflamme’s work, the MALUM score joins a lineup of acclaimed recent releases by the label, including NOPE, MIDNIGHT MASS, THE MENU, and more.

“One of the foundational creative elements we focus on when developing a project is a quality score, and after our first meeting with Sam early on, it was clear that he not only understood the vision for the film but that he also was the type of artist who fully immersed himself in the world of MALUM to create something utterly unique and terrifying,” says Luke LaBeau, Head of Development for Welcome Villain. “The final score that he delivered is truly astounding, accentuating the tension, pacing, scares, and the key narrative beats in a masterful way that elevates the film to new heights. Sam was always the only composer we had in mind for this project. Hence, we feel tremendously fortunate to have him on board, and can’t wait for audiences to experience his powerful, frightening, thundering score. Through our partnership with our friends at Waxwork Records, we are confident this score will be released with all the style, artistry, and attention it deserves.”

MALUM Score Teaser

Composer: Samuel Laflamme

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