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Well Go USA to Release Delayed Ukrainian Action-Drama SNIPER: THE WHITE RAVEN

Leading international and indie film distributor Well Go USA Entertainment has acquired North American rights to poignant wartime action-drama SNIPER: THE WHITE RAVEN, which is based on actual events and was created with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency and the country’s Ministry of Culture and Information Policy. Actors in large-scale military scenes include members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine, many of whom experienced firsthand the portrayed operations in Donbas beginning in 2014, and the project’s military consultants included soldiers concurrently completing sniper school, the process of which is depicted in detail on-screen. The film, which had originally been expected to open in its home territory in late February, will now debut in North America as a day-and-date theatrical release on July 1.

“We are proud to help bring the release of SNIPER: THE WHITE RAVEN to fruition, particularly as our hearts continue going out to the people of Ukraine during this wrenching ongoing conflict,” said Doris Pfardrescher, President and CEO at Well Go USA Entertainment. “Although the film was not able to be shown in its home territory when originally planned, we are gratified by the opportunity to make this incredible story accessible to North American audiences. This story, which so poignantly portrays the cruelty frequently found in land combat within modern theaters of war, simultaneously reminds us of the unmitigable spirit of courage, camaraderie and hope that shines through when fighting for one’s freedom, family, and homeland.”

SNIPER: THE WHITE RAVEN, helmed by first-time feature director Marian Bushan (known for television movie documentary Lucescu Phenomenon), stars multi-hyphenate actor, musician and photographer Pavlo Aldoshyn as real-life Ukrainian sniper Mykola Voronin, who had moved to Ukraine’s Donbas region as a brilliant yet eccentric physics teacher and eco-settler. After a senseless tragedy at the hands of invading soldiers soon thereafter, the film follows Mykola as he enlists in the military and earns a coveted position as a sniper, vowing revenge on the attackers as well as an elite enemy combatant who mortally wounded one of Mykola’s closest comrades from the shadows. The film is dramatized, though based on many actual events from Voronin’s life.

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