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WHAT YOU WISH FOR reveals first trailer ahead of Fantastic Fest

Nicholas Tomnay (THE PERFECT HOST) reveals the first trailer for his highly-anticipated sophomore film, WHAT YOU WISH FOR, ahead of its upcoming US premiere at Fantastic Fest. The unnerving culinary thriller stars Nick Stahl (TERMINATOR 3) in a darkly comic cautionary tale of the ultra-wealthy. This noir-inspired morality tale follows Ryan (Nick Stahl), a down-on-his-luck chef who gets more than he bargained for when he steps into the life of an old culinary school pal, a private chef for the über-rich.


WHAT YOU WISH FOR is the second feature film from writer-director Nick Tomnay. Beginning his career as a commericals editor and director in Sydney, Australia, Tomnay first broke out as a director to watch in 2010 with his debut feature film THE PERFECT HOST, starring David Hyde Pierce. WHAT YOU WISH FOR is a project several years in the making, with Tomnay sharing that he “tried to create the sort of film that I often want to see as an audience member.

WHAT YOU WISH FOR FANTASTIC FEST SCREENINGS 9.22 [US PREMIERE] - 8:15 pm Alamo Drafthouse (1120 S. LAMAR BLVD., AUSTIN TEXAS, 78704) 9.25 - 2 pm Alamo Drafthouse (1120 S. LAMAR BLVD., AUSTIN TEXAS, 78704)

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Manuel Murphy
Sep 20, 2023

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